My Scared Little Girl

Lately Thing 2 has started saying she is afraid. Of almost anything. TV characters, songs, people, places, the car.

She isn't always scared of any one thing either. On Sunday she was too scared to leave the house to go to the gym but after some talking and commiseration agreed to go out to lunch with the family. Last week when I mentioned the museum she freaked out, but today she was crying that it was taking too long to get there.

The tactic I've been taking with her is to acknowledge her feelings and try to find a work-around. (ie Blocking the door open and everyone going to the car together.) It isn't always possible, though, and I end up with a screeching girl in the parking lot of the market with her sisters who want to get home and eat.

We had a sit-down talk on Sunday while Aba, Thing 1 and Thing 3 were at the gym and I thought I had gotten through, but tonight we were hunting around for Towely and found a flashlight and a LED nightlight in her bed. I took them out but this morning awoke to a serenade of screeches when she realized they were gone. (On the desk about 10 feet away and a direct line-of-sight.)

Naturally she has no desire to go to the museum today. Even though I know she will enjoy it and that all of them need some time out of the house. I even told her that we wouldn't be watching TV, movies or playing the Wii if we stayed home and she was fine. (Of course Thing 1 started crying at that.)

So I ask my friends in the blogoverse...ideas?