The Joy of Ginger Tea

I'm at the tail end of my cold where I hack and hack until the gunk comes out of my chest and I wheeze all the while. This usually lasts 3-4 days and just started it Saturday evening.

Today our cleaning lady heard me hacking and wheezing. Knowing the contents of my fridge, she whipped up a home remedy of ginger tea with a splash of lemon and a drizzle of honey. I had been downing an assortment of herbal teas by the bucketful and figured why not try it.

I was amazed! After a couple of hours the mucous was just about done coming up and I only have coughing fits when laughing too much. 

I've filled a travel mug to keep at my bedside table throughout the night and plan on making a weaker brew tomorrow for Thing 1. I wish I had known about this last week when Thing 3 was clearing out her chest.