1001 Journals-The Jewish Homeschooler Edition


Today the girls and I visited the Skirball Cultural Center. While there we saw the 1000 Journals Project exhibit.

If you didn't know, the 1000 Journals Project was started in 2000 by someguy. He sent out 1000 journals for people to fill the pages and send on. As the journals were filled, they were returned to him. Now the Skirball Center has 12 of the original journals for viewing. 

They also had a number of journals and art supplies available as part of the 1001 Journals project including four journals for kids only. (The girls each decorated a page.)

I was introduced to art journalling and the 1000 Journals project too late to join in, but was always intrigued by it. Seeing my girls create and the pages other children had made inspired me to make a journal collectivly with them.

Then my little grey cells got working and I thought about expanding the project. Including the Jewish homeschoolers in this process and creating a journal with groups of family pages. 

I know its a risk. I could invest several hours in creating and facilitating the journal's journey only to have it disappear. In fact, I only have one of the three collaborative art journals I made and sent around. The other two are gone. But when it succeeds it is beautiful!

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment or email me. The only requirements are that you are a Jewish homeschooler and will send the journal on via USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.