Travel Photography

With the knitting decision made, I'm moving on to pondering cameras, lenses and film. What of what to bring with me?

On my definite list: Canon DSLR with an 18mm-200mm zoom lens and a 50mm f1.4 lens, two spare batteries and two 8 gig SD cards. (Can you tell where my paranoia lies?) I'm also bringing my little Flip video camera that I got a couple years ago and rarely use.

On my maybe list: Polaroid Land Camera 340 with an assortment of film. Pros: Love the camera and shots. Cons: Huge, heavy and a high trash producer. But a couple shots like this and it is worth the hassle.

Polaroid Spectra Pro with Image film. Pros: Easy to use and I have loads of film. Cons: New-to-me camera and I haven't gotten a good handle on the settings so they wouldn't be used which seems a waste.

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar One Step. Pros: Has an auto-focus option and I have a bit of film for it. Cons: I'm still testing it and not getting super great shots.

Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1. Pros: Awesome camera when I have the time to get a shot set up. (With my poor eyes, focusing is a longer-than-usual process.) I also have a variety of film. Cons: The time it takes me to focus and it needs a good cleaning which I doubt I'll have time for before we leave.

Diana+ camera. Pros: Lightweight, I have 10 rolls of negative film and 5 rolls of slide film for it. I found a shop that will develop 120 in Jerusalem and also sells the film there. Cons: Its new-to-me and i'm not confident in my skill with it.

Also a consideration is carting this equipment on the plane. I know I can't get it into my backpack so it will have to go in a carry-on with the girls' changes of clothing and snacks.

What I'm leaning towards is the Diana and the Spectra or Sonar depending on how today's testing at the park goes. Lightweight and compact and I can get the 120 developed before we leave so I won't worry about losing images to scanners.

So, my fellow photofiles, what cameras would you bring?