Review: The Style Underground


Around Rosh Hashannah I was introduced to The Style Underground's scarves and tying videos and I'm finally getting around to writing up a recommendation.

I've gotten into the habit of wearing scarves rather than hats and wigs. They are more comfortable and I feel more in line with the traditional Moroccan way of hair-covering. But sometimes it gets boring doing the "bun" look. And I don't really like the "babushka" look of a simple tie behind the neck with all the ends hanging down. This is when I turn to Julie's videos. 

I've gotten compliments every time I worn one of the more ornate ties and I've taken up the habits of using a light-weight cotton scarf under the silkier or thinners scarves and of tying my pontytail higher on my head to add volume. Both were ideas that never crossed my mind and really lend a more polished look to an old wash-worn Israeli tichel.

For Rosh Hashannah I purchased a stretch lace rectangular scarf and the paisley scarf seen in the photo. I haven't gotten much wear from the lace one as the girls have decided it looks like a bridal veil and absconded with it. A shame since it was nice and stretchy and felt wonderful.

The paisley is my go-to scarf for dressier events where I actually consider wearing a wig. It wears and washes beautifully, but is lined with cotton so be careful when washing of the lining may shrink a bit rolling the edges uneasily. 

I highly recommend a visit to The Style Underground and some fancy tichel-tying to dress up your day.