On the Needles

I'm finally getting in with WIP Wednesday! Woot!

I just finished knitting up Idlewood and it is blocking. Will get photos when it is nice and dry.

I'm turning the heel on my second sock for Pom-Pom Anklets.

One more lace repeat and then I'm ready to split February Fitted Pullover for the upper body.

I've also started up-sizing the girls' Joseph Jackets that I made two years ago. They fit all over except the sleeves are 3 inches too short. I still have the yarn I used so I'm picking up at the cuffs and working 3-1/2 inches of garter for the cuffs. The girls have also requested buttons instead of zippers so I'll be taking out the zippers next.

Joseph Redux

I'm also considering picking up along the front edge and adding a couple rows of garter stitch so the front would lie flat. I'm not sure if I have the yarn, though. Also I don't think the girls will get another year of wear from the jackets so I might be better off putting the time into another jacket.