How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I feel really weird writing that because its still August and therefore summer. School shouldn't start until after Labor Day. Kids nowadays are getting short-changed. Also, this week was the start of summer weather in Los Angeles. We finally broke past the 77 degree barrier. So there is absolutely no way that summer is over.

Yet everywhere I turn I am seeing back-to-school sales, back-to-school blog posts and back-to-school stories. The trend this year seems to be revisiting the dreaded essay topic. Since I love all things retro, here goes...

I spent my summer vacation taking the girls to the beach for the first time and then loading the back of the van with gear for impromptu beach runs.

I bought cheap annual passes for the Skirball Cultural Center and The Huntington Library and ignored our expensive ones to Disneyland.

I chased peacocks and peahens and stripped sprinkler-soaked kids for the long drive home.

I ignored my yarn in favor of expired film and found my way back by casting on three projects.

I made a new list and started the things on it.

I cried when I found out I wasn't pregnant and found peace with knowing there was no baby in me.

I had a meaningful fast and taught my children the meaning of Mashiach.

I picked cherries, tomatoes, beets and beans. I played in the kitchen trying to find new ways to use the bounty we received.

I let my domain expire and felt recharged in my new home.

I surprised one friend and screamed with joy for another.

I conquered jealousy and depression.

I cleaned crayons from carpets and walls, paint and glue from tables, markers from bodies.

I got a manicure. And a pedicure.

I traveled to Baltimore for a conference and ran 5 kilometers in 46 minutes.

I welcomed fish into my home. They welcomed more fish. A lot more fish.

I did a cartwheel and played "airplane" with three girls first thing in the morning.

I wrote on my mirror and shot silly string at Aba.

I had fun this summer and it's is just getting started.