Welcome ICLWers!

In case you didn't know, the details on ICLW are over here.

My name is Miriam. I used to blog over at Tripletly Blessed, but let my domain expire and it got swiped to sell pharmaceuticals. Its all good, though, since I had been feeling stalled over there and was thinking about a change.

You can use those buttons on the right to follow me around the internet if you want. I'm somewhat active, but seem to go through phases of silence.

I went through four years of unexplained IF and quite a few failed rounds of clomid. I had a couple of chemical pregnancies and early miscarriages before finding a great reproductive endocrinologist. We did one round of injectibles with an IUI that gave us our three beautiful girls.

If you've ever wondered what it is like with 4-1/2 year old triplets, check out my most recent Day in the Life Of video.  It was shot last Thursday and features some art, some cooking, some mess, some cameras, some help and a whole lot of laundry!