House Hunting Woes

The townhouse we're in has been good to us and provided us a place close to the Beit Knesset when I couldn't walk far (we moved in when I was four months pregnant and are within shofar-hearing distance) but with thee active girls wanting to play in the yard it is sorely lacking. The final straw came when no concessions were made to allow us to have a sukkah this year. They are re-doing the exterior and the scaffolding is supposed to come down mid-October. Never mind that we haven't been able to use our measly little patio all summer, now there is no sukkah. The girls have been looking forward to decorating it and sleeping there all year. And I'm heart-sick over it.

We've hit upon the point where we can no longer feasibly move before Rosh haShannah so the search gets put on hold for a month or so.  There just aren't any houses available for rent in the areas we are looking. We've even expanded our search to include a different synagogue, but that's turned up empty as well.

Everything is either too small (two bedrooms, 1 bath), has no yard (the owners put a pool in the entire back yard and no fence allowed in front), has a renter in the guest house (she'd love kids, though!), is so ugly even I won't live there (and I've pushed for some ugly houses) or is way out of our price range ($21,000 a month!).

Why rent? Because we aren't interested in buying. Aba for his own reasons and I'm holding out for Israel.

Just like I knew I was going to have 4 kids (which means #4 is waiting for me) I know I'm going to be in Israel with my family. I'm actually ready to pack and move today. I could have this place cleared out in a week if I had someone to watch the girls and an airplane ticket in my hand. I figure I'll just be patient and soon enough Aba will realize that I'm right.

He came around on cloth diapering, baby wearing and homeschooling. He's even started talking about maybe our family isn't complete yet. Sooner or later he'll realize Israel is for us.