Photo Organization

The Question of the Week over at the Multiples and More blog is photo organization. Perfect timing for me! After a few false starts I've stumbled upon the best way to do it!

On my computer I have a second hard drive that is all photos. This means that I won't lose them if my computer crashes. Of course, should something else happen, they could be toast. So I got a 1 terabyte hard drive and backed everything up. But what if that dies? I started burning cds, but with large files it took forever. (April -December 2006 took 5 disks and I wasn't into photography all that much yet.) Plus what if the disks were damaged?

Enter Flickr.

I had an account to use with online sharing of photos and projects over on Ravelry. I signed up for the pro version ($25/year). Unlimited uploads, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth. If I don't renew my account I can't access the pictures but they are still there.

I downloaded the Flickr uploader tool and created a categories called "back-up," "2006," "2007," etc. I set the uploader to private by default and went at it. Everything gets tagged with the name of the folder it came from (ie Hanukah) and special pictures get a description (Thing 3's first bath).

This does take time, though. I can get 10-12 pictures uploading at a time without error. I try to have stuff going all the time.

After this, I'm going to delete the "blah" photos and have DVDs burned of them. Then all but my favorites will be deleted and I'll burn a couple copies of those. I'll have at least 4 copies of the photos archived and room for more.

Flickr also has a deal with Snapfish so I can get my yearly photo albums made with only one upload. That saves a lot of time!