Fall Plans

Its such an odd Sukkot this year. The weather has hit triple digits (104 in Beverly Hills yesterday!) and we don't have a sukkah this year due to construction on our building. So we've been either going to friends' sukkot or using the sukkah at the Beit Knesset. I'm really having a difficult time getting into the holiday spirit. Needless to say, Sukkot will be a big deal next year and every year after!

This has given me time to think about our fall activities, though. There are always so many things I want to do and it seems like I either miss the opportune time or other things hijack my plans. So I tried to think of a dozen things I want to do in October and November.

First I'm going to plan more outings for the places we have passes to. The Skirball, Arboretum, Huntington Library and Disneyland.

The girls have been asking a lot about knitting and yarn so I'm going to introduce finger knitting and potholder looms.

Last year I bought the book Before Five in a Row and never really used it. So I've ordered four of the books from Amazon (part of their 4-for-3 deal and free shipping)  for us to do. We also already own three of the books so that's seven weeks of books!

We'll be starting Hebrew classes after the holiday, too. This is actually good for me too. We've been using more and more of our Hebrew and I feel a lot more confident when speaking. So far Thing 2 is the only one who will speak Hebrew but Thing 1 and Thing 3 understand what I ask them.

We will also be adding to our Shabbatot. Starting this Shabbat there are a couple "rules" going into effect. First, everyone has to share a d'var Torah. Even the girls. For them it can also be showing some art or project they did and explaining what it is. I'm also going to start teaching the girls z'mrot. Aba isn't a big singer and I don't know any z'mrot so the girls aren't used to this even though they love singing and songs. I've picked a couple from the many Shabbat cds we have and we'll learn a couple at a time. Lastly, we will be having a Shabbat Princess every week. The Shabbat Princess will help Aba with kiddush and hamotzi as well as choosing the dessert.