Happy Anniversary to Me!

And Aba, of course.  Its been nine years since we cruised around Marina del Rey and got married. 

Some parts were rough, some moments were heart-breaking and there were many moments of self-doubt as I contemplated the enormity of our chosen lifestyle, but I'm happy with how its turned out so far and excited to see where the future takes us.

What do the parents of 4-1/2 year-old triplets do for their anniversary? Aba puts the girls to bed and then watches some soccer while I go to knitting group. I know you're jealous.

Actually, we don't have a sitter for tonight so next week we'll go out to dinner. Compromise is the secret to marriage and parenthood.

I know I've been absent a bit lately. I've been in a knitting jag and have a sweater, 3 pairs of fingerless mittens and the start of a cardigan to show for it, too. I have been working on some things for the blog so there will be a new recipe, a review, some pictures of wooly goodness, a homeschool craft and some Polaroids coming up next week.