Welcome ICLWers and hammies!

(My last post today, I promise! (I have other stuff to do! LOL) 

I just wanted to welcome the ICLWers who stop by. You can read about ICLW here and join next month. Its fun and enlightening. 

Here is my generic ICLW intro. I need to do another DITLO, though. That one is old. LOL

I also want to welcome the hammies to our house.

We went to buy fish and fish food yeasterday and came home with two hamsters that were up for adoption. (Someone dropped off a pregnant girl around Christmas so we took two of her pups.) The girls have named them Rapunzel and Flynn though they are both boys.

Right now they are rolling around the house in their balls and they live in our previously empty 10 gallon aquarium until I figure out what type they are and how big they will get. I'm hoping to move them to Zeus' travelling cage at some point.

They are now asking for a chinchilla, a cat, a gecko, a turtle and more fish. Aba isn't tooo happy about this turn of events, though. He's worried the house is going to smell like a zoo soon.