On the Needles

Woot! My second installment of WIP Wednesday!

I've been a sweater-knitting fool this past week and I'm itching to finish February Fitted Pullover. I don't know that I'll get it done this week, but I'm pretty close. I have 4.5 inches on the back, the sleeves and the garter-stitch trim. I'm aiming for having it completed by February 1.


The reason I won't finish this up next week? Sunday I'm planning on swatching up Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater and casting it on when I get gauge. I've wound two hanks of yarn and am letting them rest. (Meg Swanson wrote somewhere that this yarn torques easily and needs a good rest after winding.) This will be my first steeking experience. I'm really excited!


I finished fixing Thing 3's jacket and Thing 2's was made so much larger than needed that it doesn't need any altering. So Thing 1's is left. That will be my knitting night project so they can wear it on Shabbat.

The socks are still hanging out waiting.