Overheard: The Star Wars Edition

We've recently finished the original Star Wars trilogy. Naturally, the movies have now filled the girls' vernacular. 

While playing Uno, Thing 1 was a bit upset that Thing 3 was winning.

Thing 2 to Thing 3: Let the wookiee win.
Thing 1: aaaaaaaaa!

About Darth Vader while watching the opening of Return of the Jedi.

Thing 1: Doesn't he miss his son?

Upon seeing the ewoks for the first time.

Thing 3: LOOK! It has a shofar!
Thing 2: tootootootootoo
Thing 3: Its a giant hamster with a shofar!

About Princess Leia's Hoth hairdo.

Thing 2: Can you do my hair like that? Then I can be a real princess.

Watching Jabba the Hutt eat.

Thing 1: Ewww! That is so disgusting! That is just so disgustong! Isn't that disgusting?

Anytime Han and Leia kissed.

All three together: Ewwww! And then they looked away.