What We've Been Learning

It occurred to me that I haven't been posting the "What We Learned" posts as regularly as I hadoriginally hoped to. Oh well. I've been busy and Aba hasn't been complaining that we aren't "doing school" so proving that we are learning hasn't been at the top of my list. 

So what's going on learning-wise over here?

First, we sat down and figured out the bare-minimium that had to be done every day and set up our Accountable Kids cards. We use a modified system with a minimum of cards and every few weeks I'll add in another card. Thing 3 loves the cards and after a couple of days her sisters got into the rhythm of the day.

One of the first cards on the board is tefillah. In camp, the girls made siddurim and we used those for a while before adding in three brachot and making new siddurim. (Get out the glitter!) Around 9:30am we sit around the table and pray together. A few brachot, a few songs, the Shema and we are done.

We then read the day's lesson in the Chafetz Chaim's Lesson a Day and then review the upcoming holiday or parsha hashavua.

When we finish up the girls will either do a craft, choose a workbook or puzzle, pick a book or get out an electronic. And oh boy do we have loads of those! Everyone seems most interested in patterns and pre-reading games so that is what I have out and available.

After that we do some more stuff around the house, take a walk, head to the park or play. We've watched some movies and spent time at Disneyland and the mall.

So what have we learned these last few weeks? Pre-reading, pre-writing, holidays, halachot, Hebrew, animal care, working with others and math from cooking.

Wow. I have a few blog posts of material just expounding on these categories. I wonder if I'll get to that?