Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Someone shared a great idea for the gym with me last week. Pick a show on Netflix and stream it on your phone while on the treadmill. Make sure its an engaging show and only allow yourself to watch while walking, jogging, biking or elliptically training. My show of choice? Season one of the Walking Dead. (Don't spoil me!) 

The good part? It really works and I've gone the past three days.

The bad part? I've started thinking my survival kit needs a rehash and I should add a few basic survival skills into my repertoire.

It really just seems like these people could do with a few extra tools and skills. Things that wouldn't hurt in any emergency scenario. I do live in the land of earthquakes and wild fires after all. On my list?

More clothes. I watched the survivors hack up zombies with infected blood and the women using a washboard and rocks to clean them. That is not going to fly over here. 

Pack a length of hose for siphoning gas. So many problems seem to come about from no gas stations open or with gas, but cars abandoned by zombified drivers? A dime a dozen.

Learn to hot wire a car. Probably not practical, but a nice skill to have. I was going to put "pick a lock" instead, but in Zombimerica I don't think breaking into places will be a problem. I would like to be able to lock myself in, though. So maybe it should be on there. I need to re-think that.

Pack plenty of empty bags. Other than being stupid, lack of bags is the only reason I can come up with that "Officer Friendly" didn't break into the farmhouse, raid their supplies, and take their gun and truck keys. Though choosing to take their horse instead of siphoning gas from the truck makes me think it might be lack of smarts. 

Learn to milk a cow or goat. Milk is a good source of fat and protein and makes you feel full. You'd need some grassy area and a cow or goat nearby so it might not be practical in all situations, but better safe than sorry. Just need to come up with a way to mask their scent.

Pack gloves of all sorts. I have a pair of gloves in there now, but I need more. I need all sorts. I think some of those industrial rubber gloves would be perfect for handling de-brained zombies.

Learn to work a CB. And figure out how to Twitter on it.

Learn to shoot a crossbow and pack plenty of bows. Daryl's weapon of choice is pretty sweet, but yanking the bow out and then reusing it sans gloves? Gag.

Okay, I'm not really planning on surviving the zombie apocalypse. Well, if there is one I'm going to give it my best shot. I do think all of these would be decent skills and tools to have in a "normal" emergency along with beefing up food, first aid and clothing supplies.

Okay, I don't really think a crossbow will be too useful in an earthquake, but its still pretty sweet.