Overheard: The Pin Trading Edition

A note on lingo for non-traders. A "Hidden Mickey" is a pin that Disney gives to their employees to wear and trade with park visitors. They are sought after because you can't buy them from Disney but most are fairly easy to get. "Vinylmations" are Mickey Mouse plastic dolls that are painted to look like different characters or things. They retail for about $9.00 with my pass discount. Thing 3 and I collect pins only. Thing 2 collects pins and Vinylmations.

Yesterday at Disneyland Thing 2 was trading with a castmember and he only had one pin she wanted to I asked her to get me the Casey Jr. pin and told her I'd trade her for it at home. This morning we're tidying up our haul and I ask her which pin she wants for the pin.

"I don't like any of your pins," she says.

Um, okay. So what would you like?

"Can you buy me three Vinylamtions next time we go?"

No. I'm not buying you three Vinylmations for a hidden mickey pin.

"Two then?"

No. I'm not trading any Vinylmations for that pin. I have Vinylmation pins you can have, though.

"Hmmm...I'll think about it."