RIP Flynn the Hamster

A week ago today the girls were feeding the pets when they discovered Flynn was dead.

He was the escape artist and never seemed to recover fully from his last adventure of four days with no food or water.

It was a surprisingly difficult thing for the girls to deal with. Thing 2 was sobbing off and on all day. Her sisters, while not crying, would tell me at times that they missed him or were sad.

The most difficult part for them was cleaning out his cage. The idea that he wouldn't be going back in after we were done was hard for them to accept. We waited a couple of days and they were soon happy with the idea of creating a "mansion" for Rapunzel.

We've had talks about whether we should be getting another hamster. At first Aba was adamant that we would get one the following Sunday. The girls and I have talked, though, and we've decided to research bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas before we choose.

In this past week there have been random mentions of Flynn and how Rapunzel gets two pieces of pancake because she's the only hamster or a mention of him in the run down of who needs to be fed. There is still sadness, but the sobbing tears have passed.