37 Before 38

Last year I did a 36 before 37 list. I typed it up and occasionally looked at it on the blog (usually when something reminded me of it or when looking up something else) and did a fair share of the items. I'm making my list again and item number one should help me achieve more of my goals. 

1. Hang list up where I can see it.
2. Make sweaters for the whole family for Rosh HaShannah
House running on auto pilot again because of:
3. Routines
4. Menus
5. Zone maintenance
6. Learn to crochet
7. Learn to spin
8. Make and can strawberry for the entire year.
9. Complete my "100 Things That Make Me Happy" mini book.
10. Get our emergency preparedness stuff up to snuff.
11. Go roller skating
12. Yarn bomb Beverly Hills
13. Have smores at the beach with a bonfire
14. Go on a hike
15. Have family portraits taken
16. Have the perfect skirt (or three) made
17. Learn to sew
18. Make sourdough bread
19. Give Blood
20. Go to a drive-in movie
21. Learn to darn my knitted goods.
22. Work out a soaked flour recipe for challah
23. Get all of my digital pictures organized and backed up
24. Complete a machsom l'fi
25. Learn to dance
26. Have a tea party
27. Volunteer
28. Host women's learning for Shavuot.
29.  Update my blog reader.
30. Get back into the early wake-up habit.
31. Unplug for a week.
32. Resume DITLO posts
33. Stop biting my nails.
34. Get dressed every day.
35. Teach somebody something.
36. Journal by writing a sentence about each day.
37. Laugh every day