A Week (Or Two) in Words

While thinking up my 37 Before 38 list, I came across the idea of one-sentence daily journaling. I started out with just mundane sentences, but lately I've been working on finding the joyful in every day. 


1/27: I like yarn.

1/28: Nothing like finishing Shabbat preparations early so you can walk to Coffee Bean.

1/29: Some people are so generous with other people's stuff.

1/30: I am sick.

1/31: The girls are sick now, too.

2/1: They are driving me nuts.

2/2: I cut my sweater!

2/3: I love it!

2/4: I'm so tired.

2/5: A great day for Polaroiding!

2/7: Should we go to Disneyland tomorrow?

2/8: Will this cough ever go away?

2/9: I love park day!

2/10: Thing 2 is so funny!

2/11: This lamb smells divine.

2/12: Shabbat shalom!