On the Needles

Well, I was sick on Sunday so no knitting meant I was refreshed and recharged for work on my green sweater! I have 1.5 inches until I...cut my sweater. YIKES! 


No, not really yikes. I've been watching the wonderful Knitting Around DVD that Aba got me and there are 3 sweaters with steeking plus some afterthought pockets and thumbs. I've also had to tink enough with this yarn to know that my knitting won't be going anywhere. Seriously, people. I went two stitches past a decrease and had to disengage the fibers. And that isn't including the hassle dropping a stitch for the phony seams.

In all honesty I'm contemplating not even bothering with sewing them. It seems like to much hassle to get out the machine for. The scariest part of tomorrows knitting is grafting the shoulders. My kitchener, while serviceable, isn't too pretty. I suppose I'll rewatch EZ and Meg work on the underarms of some awfully complicated looking pullovers to get my courage up.

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