Sleepless No More (I Hope)

How is everyone doing? Its going great (Baruch HaShem!) over here. The girls have had a really rough time transitioning back to their normal sleep patterns after our trip to Israel. We've been back for two months now so it isn't like we are rushing it or asking for some incredible feat from them. Aba and I have been going bonkers lately, though. Its been so difficult that I've caught myself heading back to late-nights and grumpy mornings fueled by dark coffee with a lot of sugar.

I was re-reading No-Cry Sleep Solution but it just felt so hard. The girls are older and while it seems like a good idea to head back to the NCSS things that worked before, but would turn the house into a battleground which is never a good thing. Then I came across Sleepless in America by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka . I've already read (and adored) her book Raising Your Spirited Child Rev which has helped immensely so I grabbed this book and started reading. I'm only about 75% done and already implementing ideas. And they are working!

The main things I've taken away so far are to make sleep a priority, eliminate tension triggers for all of us, create a routine with well-defined transition activities, and the be aware when there are things going on that will make sleep difficult.

The most difficult thing I'm coming up against is that Thing 1 seems to be a night owl while Thing 3 and Thing 2 are morning larks. They share a room and often Thing 1 is with me in the morning so she gets woken earlier than she'd like. This leads to grumpiness. I'm working with her sisters to be quieter in the morning and trying to get Thing 1 to rest and possibly sleep earlier in the evening. My ultimate goal is to get all of them to meet in the middle since separate bedrooms aren't in our foreseeable future.

Next up? Naps and siestas. The girls haven't napped in a couple years because it took longer to get them to sleep than they slept. According to the book, naps should be required through 5 years. After that siestas should be used and they are good for parents, too! This is where I expect difficulty simply because it is right in the middle of the day and we are often on the road or just finishing something up. That's actually why I'm going with a siesta over a nap. I believe it will give us more flexibility.

We'll see how that goes and how the rest of the week shapes up! Mind you, I've only been implementing these things since Friday afternoon.