I've always thought of Thing 3 as my sensitive child. She is more quiet and introverted then her sisters. She likes everything just so. She'll spent 10 minutes before bed strightened her slippers, toys, pillows and blankets. She's just more in tune with the environment around her and happiest with routines. Her sisters aren't.

After reading a Facebook post by a friend who made flubber for her daughter, I thought it was something Thing 3 would like to do. While her sisters were playing and "being mean" to her I brought her to the kitchen and mixed it up. 

She wouldn't touch it until it was totally mixed. Then she called her sisters over to see and proceeded to mold a person out of it. She showed it to the housekeeper, gave it to Thing 2 and walked away.

Thing 1 tried it and then got out a broom to sweep up the crumbly bits that ended up on the floor.

Thing 2, though, loves it. She sits on it, digs in it, tries different toys pressed into it, rolls it, crumbles it, squishes it between her fingers and asks for more.

Its so easy to label your children and lock them into a box. Perhaps that is the key to the struggles I've been having with her lately? The real her is busting through the seams and instead of helping her, I'm busy trying to reinforce the box.