Thing 2: How do you give a gift to HaShem?

Me (not wanting to get into korbanot while driving to the market): Uhhhh...what do you want to give to HaShem, honey?

Thing 2: I want to make him picture. thinking Oh! You bring gifts to the Beit haMikdash! Is the Beit haMikdash in Israel?

Me: It was and will be, but it isn't built right now.

Thing 2: Can we go to Israel when its built?

Me: Yes.

Thing 2: Will Ayelet be going to Israel when the Beit haMikdash is built?

Me: Yes. All of the Jews will.

Thing 2: Can Aba go on the plane with us?

Me: I'm sure he'd want to. For your picture we can write on it that you made it for HaShem and you can tell Him. He'll know.

Thing 2: No. I want to give it to you to put in your purse and take it with us when we go to Israel to the Beit haMikdash.