Homeschool Day at the Page Museum

Despite a late start, we had fun at yesterday's homeschool day. This was our second visit to the museum and the change in the girls' interest and comprehension was incredible! In the past they would ask me what everything was but now they look for the signs and interpret what they "read" an see. Despite there not being a change in the exhibit, they suddenly understood predators and prey.

IMG_73812 copy

 Playing "The mammoth convinces the saber-tooth cat to protect them from the wolf and dragged them into the asphalt" in the kids' area.

 Our recent explorations about the human body helped them recognize various parts of the skeletons they saw. They also enjoyed the colored-in charts used to denote which fossils have been found, prepared and cleaned. I'm not sure how to use this in our own learning, but I'm going to try.

IMG_7379 copy

Thing 1 telling me about the Giant Sloth.

We ran into another homeschooling family from the LA Jewish Homeschooling group and the kids ended up playing together and taking pictures of each other. Combined with our late start we ended up staying until the museum closed and didn't get a chance to visit Project 23 or look at the large asphalt lake.