Exploring da Vinci

We went on a field trip today to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum Exhibit at Hollywood and Highland. Not only did our homeschool group get an awesome price for the exhibit, it was a fascinating glimpse into the varied interests of Leonardo Da Vinci. I can see this as fitting in with many fields of study and interests.

The girls were a bit too young to really appreciate what they were seeing. My guess is that next year their appreciation of it would be much greater. It was, however, still a great experience and I'm happy we went.

IMG_7386 copy

Thing 2 examining some of the anatomy sketches.

IMG_7389 copy

The exhibit floor showing pulleys, a hydraulic drill and a parachute.

IMG_7383 copy

Inside the mirror room.

IMG_7382 copy

Thing 3 working one of the models.