Pesah Meals

On long holidays that are full of meals I prefer to make what I call a "selection menu" as opposed to a menu of dishes for each meal. This gives me more leeway when we aren't feeling up to a full (read giant) meal or when something isn't appealing. 

Here's my list for Pesah:

Salads  Israeli, beets, carrots, romaine with dates and oranges, cucumber and mint, matbucha and fresh fava bean salad

Fish   Moroccan fish, marinated fried fish, fried gefilte fish, baked salmon 

Mains   lamb tagine with prunes and apricots, honey chicken, spiced chicken, meatballs, maguina

Desserts   brownies, mandlebrot, tishpishti, chocolate mousse cake, fresh fruit

Other items   rolls, cream cheese, lunch meat, cottage cheese, charoset, harissa, eggs, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash

The only meal I know for a fact I'm serving is the lamb tajine, potatoes, maguina, moroccan fish and an assortment of salads and fruit for the second seder. Even though we have guests for other meals, I'm able to leave the menu up in the air because I've prepared and frozen all of the mains, three fishes and the desserts minus the fresh fruit. 

This is the third holiday I've cooked this way and I can tell you that we eat less and waste less food. My packed freezer will likely last through mid-May.