How do you do it?

I've been asked this question a lot lately and would answer with a nervous laugh and say that I did what I had to do. I never really thought of how I did it. I just did and it got done. Heading back to the car last night I figured out the answer.

One step at a time.

Last night on the way out of the park Thing 2 and Thing 1 fell asleep. Thing 1 made it until we turned out of Downtown Disney. So I had three sleeping kids (two in costume) and a stroller to unload.

First I opened all the doors, the drivers window and the trunk. (I'm afraid of locking them in the car away from home.) Then I unpacked the pjs I had brought. Thing 1 was in the front seat so I took her shoes off and lifted her into the car. She woke up enough to change and climb in her seat. Then I took the front seat off and put it on top of the bags in the trunk.

Next I got Thing 2 out and she also woke enough to help change. She cried a bit when I buckled her in so I calmed her and closed her door. After each of the girls I would pack up their laundry and shoes and prepare the next set.

Last was Thing 3 who had a wig, wings and Tinkerbell costume on. She also didn't wake up at all to change. After I got her into her seat, I packed the last of the dirty clothes away, popped the stroller into the trunk and headed home.

At home, I texted Aba when we parked and he took Thing 1 and Thing 3 to bed while I brought in the food and Thing 2. As it was 11:30pm I left the laundry in the car for the next day.

This morning we did a similar thing making lunch. I was making sandwiches and all three were shouting their requests. I told them to wait, then pointed to Thing 3. She made her request, I got her peanut butter sandwich and apple then pointed to Thing 1. Peanut butter (no crust) and a cucumber. Thing 2? Cream cheese cut into triangles and grapes. Water for all. 

One, two, three and they are all fed.

It seems a lot of people think there is either some magic formula to dealing with multiples or a lot of help. I won't lie that it is difficult at times, but really, all you need is some patience, a bit of foresight and a smattering of organization.