Emergency Preparedness Carnival


Hello June!

On Mondays this month there will be a blog carnival about emergency preparedness over on Local Nourishment. Unlike most sources on emergency preparedness, this carnival focuses on having real, whole foods and supplies in your kit.

I've been meaning to revamp our emergency kits but it always seems to get shoved to the back of the line. Needless to say, I'm taking this as a not-so-gentle shove and working on our kits.

We live in Earthquake Country so a kit is a must. I also wouldn't mind getting a decent stash of staples together so that if something happens we have the basics on-hand. I'd also like to have a mini-kit in each of the cars, but I'm going to focus on a main kit for the house.

My worst habit with our kits is that I make them and then we run out of something and I raid the kit. Soon it's just a box with some out-grown clothing and part of a first-aid kit. So along side getting our kits set up, I need to stock the house with those things I usually take out. (Bandaids, batteries and flashlights come to mind immediately.)