Mama Guilt

Today was the first day of summer camp for the girls. For weeks I had been thinking about the incredibly relaxing day today would be. The only problem I forsaw was an overabundance of fun things to do for me! I would sit at the coffee shop and read, go to a yarn shop and browse and knit, head to the beach for some pictures and sitting in the sun. So many things and only six short hours for that first glorious day.

What did I end up doing?

I went to Costco.

Seriously. I spent my first day of vacation shopping at Costco.

Now, it was nice to be able to spend my time picking out what I needed without constantly telling the girls to stop running. Not to mention the fact that I didn't have to tell anyone, "No, we aren't going to get that today." That was a nice touch.

But I just couldn't seem to relax doing nothing. I did try. My first stop after dropping off the girls was for coffee and a muffin. Maybe if I had picked a different shop with comfier chairs?

So tomorrow I'm trying again. I'll drop the girls off and head to a different coffee shop. From there I'm going to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Then I'll hit Compatto Yarn Salon. After that, either a park or another coffee shop until pick-up time.

Let's see if Mama Guilt is kept at bay.