The End of the First Week

After my "relaxing" trip to Costco on Tuesday, I set out on Wednesday determined to have fun. I prepared Aba with, "I won't be home until after I pick up the girls," and headed out the door. The girls waved me off after I hauled their giant Ikea bag full of stuff in so I was free at 9:15. First stop? Coffee Bean.

By 11:30 I had grown restless of the coffee shop hubbub so I headed towards Santa Monica. I stopped at Westside Pavilion and took some photos then continued on to Yarns Unlimited. After browsing there (ooohhh....yarn) I stopped for bird food and visited Compatto Yarn Salon. I left with four skeins on purple alpaca/silk to make Leaflet with.

By now it was 2:30 and I needed to pick the girls up at 3:00. I also needed milk. A trip to Venice and the raw food co-op wasn't feasible so I dashed to Co-opportunity and arrived back at 3:05.

Then I did something sneaky. I texted Aba and asked if we should do something to celebrate their second day of camp. What? Dinner naturally. So we headed home where I exchanged a gallon of milk and a pint of cream for my husband before heading to Bodhi for Thai food. 

Overall it was a win.

I spent Thursday cleaning out the girls' room after attending our synagogue's Rosh Chodesh breakfast. Today will be cooking and Shabbat preparations. Then the planning for Week 2 begins.