The Price of Food

We went grocery shopping with the girls yesterday. I made a menu plan for the next two weeks and worked up a shopping list from that. We have plenty of meat from our summer order but I'll need to add fresh dairy and produce. The total for this "spree"?


To which Aba exclaims, "if this feeds our family for two weeks, this family needs to go on a diet!" 

I actually was quite pleased with how we did. Our pantry was so bare our dinner option was rice and beans cooked only with an onion because I had no other veggies and I have no idea what breakfast would have been.

I'll likely spend another $100 on the dairy and produce depending on guests for Shabbat. So say I underestimated supplies and we end up spending $500 for two weeks. Is that really high? Am I off base or is Aba out-of-touch with reality?