More Than I Can Handle

Aba and I were talking tonight about the girls' behavior deteriorating lately. They seem so stressed and bicker continuously. They argue and fight over minor things throughout the day. Since a lot of this was missing while they were at camp Aba has been wondering is school would be best. Its a nice theory, but I have a better one.

In the past year I've taken on two large volunteer projects. One was a lot of work up-front and just some minor stuff throughout the year and the other is designing the calendar for our synagogue. It was supposed to be an easy thing to do with a lot of lead time. Until it wasn't.

Wednesday morning I received an email that it needed to be done by Monday. Mid-afternoon Wednesday I started receiving some of the ads. The rest? I need to scan business cards or last year's calendar for the images. At 9:30 pm last night I received a couple missing photos. The rest of the ads are MIA. 

Needless to say I've been a stressed out basketcase over this. 

Next week is packed full of things including some double bookings. I'm not sure when I'll find time to go grocery shopping much less finish a calendar. 

And did I mention that I'm tired of sitting on my butt in this chair at this computer? No? Well, consider it said.

I often tell Aba that the girls feed off the energy we put out and mirror it back. Is it any surprise that when I'm snippy and stressed they are, too? I'm not spending the kind of time I should be with them. When we do things, we power through rather than enjoy ourselves and have fun.

My solution? Finish the calendar Saturday night (I can nap Sunday morning if I have to) and then say no.

Two little letters to free me from this cycle. I'll catch up on sleep and de-stress at Walt's Park Wednesday and Thursday. 

I'll keep up with my small volunteer job since its only entering and emailing one or two things a month. The rest of things people ask?

"Sorry, I can't help right now. I'm busy playing with my girls."