Hello 2012!

Since I last saw you:


  • Thing 1 got an ear infection which caused immense crying, grumpiness and sleeplessness. I, naturally, kept telling her to "just sleep so you'll feel better" before I noticed her holding her ears while screeching. Yeah, that's a great mom moment.
  • Thing 2 has become obsessed with people getting sick and possibly dying. This is due to my step-father passing away, my mother being in the hospital (Baruch HaShem she is home and doing well), her realization my uncle passed away 18 months ago, everyone having doctor's check-ups. 
  • Aba's been diagnosed with an ulcer. He has also finally accepted that medicine alone isn't the solution for his digestion woes so I've been pumping him full of bone broth, probiotics and trace minerals. He's slowly coming around to the "old wives cure" of cabbage juice.
  • The girls and I have started a few things around the house to make things run more smoothly. I'll be writing about those later.
  • I've started a knit-along on Google+ for the Ruba'iyat Mittens. I'm using some wonderful alpaca yarn my dad brought me from his trip to Peru.
  • I've started Project 365...again. One of these years I'll complete it, but I'm doing better than 2011 where I didn't take a photo on January 1.
  • Tomorrow I'll be starting the e-course Emerge. Its a 4-week journaling and photography course. I'm considering joining in on You Are Your Own Muse in February.


Our calendar is pencilled full for the rest of the month and I have a bag full of yarn and cameras. I hope to have a lot to share with you over the next couple of weeks!