ABC of Me

I was inspired by Susannah Conway's post and so many just popped into my head, but the rest. I've been working on this post for almost a week. Its hard to come up with a whole alphabet of stuff. So many things fit with a lot of letters and then there is Q, Y, and E. Gah. So here is my finally complete list minus the great photography Susannah has because its late and I'm not awesome like that. I'm awesome in other ways one of which is calling for me to take the clafouti out of the oven and dessert wins every time.

A is for Android. Where would I be without my phone? "Lost," says Aba. I try to defend myself, but its true. I do love my phone.
B is for Thing 3. I was going to put them all under "G" but they each deserve their own spot in the list. She is so much like Aba its funny. She seems so serious but then *boom* out come the giggles and goof. She is also so different from me that I have a hard time relating and find her learning fascinating.
C is for Thing 1. Everyone comments on her beauty but they miss the spark of mischief behind the eyes and stubborn line of her mouth. If she's on my side I've got a good shot at winning.
D is for delays. So many things don't happen "when they should" and we end up waiting. It used to be is agony when we wait. And wait. And wait. Yet the end result makes it worth it.
E is for 
F is for food. Good food. Food made and food bought. Food created and food enjoyed. I love a good meal.
G is for G-d's touch. There are times when I'm unsure and confused, but if I sit quietly and really look at things I can see G-d's touch throughout my life. It took me quite a while to find it, but once I did, I can't go a day without looking.
H is for home. 
I is for infertility. No one said the list was all joys. While not the best thing on my list, it has led to the most awesome gift I've received and a wonderful group of friends who don't complain when I complain.
J is for just me. That small bit of time and space that belongs to me alone. So precious.
K is for kisses. Baby kisses. Puppy kisses. Slobbery joking little girl kisses. Grown-up kisses.
L is for life lived. So many times I've wondered what was in store for me and if I was on the right path. While it might not have been the most direct route, I'm happy where I've ended up.
M is for marriage. To my wonderful Aba. He really is my better half.
N is for nights awake.  when I know I should be asleep but i sit writing or editing or reading instead.
O is for one-of-a-kind. Quirky. Weird. A free spirit. Odd. That's me.
P is for pets. I admit it, I love having pets in the house and I'm happy to indulge many of the girls' pet wishes. Right now we have a parrot, a hamster and an aquarium with an assortment of fish and aquatic life. Thing 2 is trying to convince Aba to get a cat.
Q is for questions. So many questions. And when I find answers? More questions.
R is for reading. Books. Magazines. Blogs. Online newspapers. Twitter. Google+. Facebook. I love to read.
S is for Thing 2. You know that curse moms give their kids? "I hope you get a daughter just like you!" Yeah that one. Thing 2is me. So me. It makes it hard, though, because I know from experience what she should do but just like me, she doesn't want to play it safe and normal. I suppose it should scare me, but I'm ready for the ride.
T is for tea. I haven't had coffee in three weeks and can't say I miss it. Pick your jaw up. It isn't that shocking. Since it finally clicked how terrible coffee is for you, I've switched to herbal tea. A nice milky chai with a grating of nutmeg? Awesome.
U is for unrestrained laughter. The best kind.
V is for victory. Four girls to one boy. Four wild spirits to one neatnik scheduler. We win. If only it were that easy.
W is for wishes of the heart. 
X is for exceed expectations. You know those dreams you have as a kid of how your life will be when you grow up? Well, I've zoomed off in a different direction entirely and totally love it. 
Y is for yielding. The hardest part of marriage is when you really want something but it just isn't right for your partner and your family so you yield. 
Z is for Zeus. Not just because zebra was the only other "Z" word I could think of. I really do love that spoiled bird.