Unschooling on the Go

One of my favorite things about unschooling is the ease of traveling. In the past I've brought workbooks, worksheets and lesson plans when we've headed away from home for a bit. It was a hassle planning, no one wanted to to do what I brought and I'd just bring the supplies back home untouched. Instead of pre-planned lessons we ended up exploring (and learning about) whatever we came across in our travels.

This week we are visiting my mom. I've brought along the girls' pencil boxes, lined paper and construction paper. So far (we've only been here about 16 hours) the girls have been writing lists, taking care of "sick" stuffed animals and planning what they will be planting in the garden.

On the drive down we came up with a couple of hypotheses about horses that we'll check out when we we walk to a nearby stable and the girls asked to go bird watching so we'll do that. So much more fun than workbooks!