So What's Been Happening?

In our corner of the world?

Teeth are being lost right and left. Thing 1 is down six and Thing 3 just lost her first. Thing 2 may be left out of that, but she's got her 6-year molars coming in.

We've lost and found our hamster three times in November. Up side? She comes to me when I call because she knows I'll rescue her from being trapped inside the sofa with no way out.

Thing 2 is sewing. Just little bits and bobs, but she is sewing with the goal of making doll clothes.

I signed the girls up for a trial of Reading Eggs and Thing 3 is going crazy with it. She adores the program and now loves to spell words after she says them. Most recent? "I have a gap. G-A-P."

We've been taking some classes at Disneyland through Celebration Education and the girls are loving them. We've also gone to Kidspace, LACMA, The Autry Museum, Natural History Museum and the ScienCenter. Our work with the charter is going well. The only thing that is difficult is that I have to spend some time copying projects and pictures the girls don't want to give to our ES for their portfolio. 

Me? I'm feeling a little less like I'm going crazy. I've started taking something to help stabilize my mood and get me closer to "normal". I resisted it until I overheard Thing 1 telling her sisters that they had to be careful what they say around me because they don't want to make me cry. Talk about feeling like you've failed your kids. So I called the doctor. Looking at it clinically it was time as I had been getting a bit obsessive (counting bags I put in the car, stairs, etc.) and also having serious anxiety at the thought of leaving the house even to go to places we go all of the time like park day. 

In other words, not good.

I have, however, been knitting, knitting, knitting. I made slippers for me and then Chanukah gifts for the girls of an overblouse (Thing 1), fingerless mittens (Thing 2) and slippers (Thing 3) and a kippah for Aba. Its been fun hiding what I'm making this time and I know next year I'll have to be even sneakier.

Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday and I'll have something fun to show you then. I also have a recipe or three to share. My goal for December is to post three-times a week. Let's see how that goes.