Recipie: Tehina Fish

This is a variation on a dish my mother-in-law makes. I changed the fish and use store-bought tehina as my family prefers it and I changed up the dredging to make it primal/gluten-free.

I find that almond meal is a wonderful coating for frying things, but it is too much on its own. Coconut flour is good, but gets a bit gummy on its own. Mixing them togetherworks wonderfully! You can play with the proportions to get a blend that works for you and your family.

The almond meal from Oh Nuts is great because it is finely ground and not gritty like some brands I've tried.


2 Pounds White fish of choice (I used Tilapia because that's what my girls prefer, but my mother-in-law uses whitefish.)

3/4 cup almond meal

1/2 cup coconut flour

1-1/2 teaspoons salt

2 eggs. beaten

Fat of choice for frying (I used palm oil.)

Tehina of choice (I used store-bought because I can't seem to make it taste how my children like.)

Pine nuts, optional (I don't use them as the girls don't like them.)

Chopped parsley for garnish (Again, I don't use, though the prepared tehina I use has some in it.)

1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Prepare the fish into fillets of a size you like. I usually make this as a first course for Shabbat so I use smaller pieces.

3. Mix the almond meal, coconut flour and salt together.

4. Dip fish in eggs, dredge in flour mixture and fry until golden. (The fish doesn't need to be cooked through as it will be going into the oven.)

5. Place fried fillets into a baking dish and top with tehina. Add pine nuts if using. Bake for 5-10 minutes depending on thickness of fish.

6. Garnish with parsley and enjoy!

FTC disclosure: I received the pecans from Oh! Nuts to use in a recipe.