A Toy is a Toy

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Earlier this week another mom and I were talking birthday parties and somehow drifted into Thing 3 wandering around Disneyland wearing the full Tinkerbell costume. "And I'm the mom laughing at your kid," was her coment.

At first I thought it was a harsh and mean-spirited to say you would laugh at a kid because she's happily wearing Tink wings and a wig but then I realized that 6 or so years ago I would have been that mom.Well, I wouldn't have laughed at a kid in costume because I think they are adorable, but I was in the "liscensed character toys mean no imagination" brigade.

What changed? My girls grew older and I paid attention to how they play with their liscensed toys and their other stuff.

They very rarely have their toys doing something they "should" be doing. At one point they had Rapunzel pretending to be She-Ra and saving Flynn Rider with the help of Belle and a Barbie car. Right now they've built Egypt out of blocks and have their My Little Ponies, some stuffed animals and and Polly Pockets acting out a Star Wars tea party. "Your mom is Amidala? She's pretty but she dresses weird."

I say bring on the toys, liscensed character or not.

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