Paper in a Digital World

I like love my gadgets. Unless its Shabbat or Yom Tov I have one on-hand or in-purse. Many times I have more than one in use. 

Listening to a podcast on my phone and browsing my tablet. Writing on the tablet and browsing on the phone. Listening to an audiobook on my phone and checking email on my computer. In fact, if you can think of a combination of using a tablet, a computer and a phone, I've probably done it or considered it.

With the addition of a new-to-me tablet from my mom, Aba has started asking why I have notepads all over the house and lists taped to the fridge. "Shouldn't this all be on your phone?"

Its actually a really good question because the logic would say that as my tech grows, my old-fashioned ways will disappear. Yet they don't.

When I'm cooking I'll look at a recipe on the tablet. I'll order meat and non-perishables online. I'll listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts. Make a menu? Paper. Work out a new recipe? Paper.

The same goes for holiday planning, birthday party planning, Shabbat meal planning, vacation planning, daytrip planning, etc. 

It didn't take me long to see the pattern. 

I can't seem to plan things out on anything but paper. I've tried but it never seems to work out. I'll either forget my phone at home (GASP!) or the battery will die (HORROR!) and then I'm lost. At the same time if I forget a written list I can manage to recall a large majority of the items there.

I've tried apps and spreadsheets and Word documents and find all of them lacking. I'll keep my notepads and pencils. And my gadgets.