The Yarn Hates that Idea

Ever really wanted to knit something but the yarn just hates all of your ideas? That's what happened to me me this week.

For months I've wanted to knit Aba the Double V Vest. I had some (a lot) of Wool of the Andes left from the "What Was I Thinking? I Can't Knit a Ribbed Sweater and Stay Sane!" sweater I thought I would knit many moons ago. I liked how the fabric looked on 4s so I figured it was a go.

That was the last positive experience this yarn gave me.

So my gauge was off but Aba and I really liked the fabric and I was worried that if I knit it any tighter the fabric would be too dense. Most people would stop here, but the Double V Vest is an EPS vest so I just needed to do some math and I'd be ready to go.

The gauge for the Double V Vest is given for stockinette, cables and an average. I actually did all of the math before I realized that I would need a swatch with the cable pattern in it because the numbers didn't seem to add up to the size I wanted. So I cast on for a swatch cap and did a repeat of the chart before I realized that the cable just disappears. Wool of the Andes is just too hairy.

Back to the drawing board.

I wanted to knit the vest in the round with steeks but there wasn't much out there pattern wise. I also wanted something that would be fast but not mindless stockinette. So I chose to borrow the look of a wide-spaced twisted rib from The Subtle Stripe. I did the math adjusting the numbers so I'd have a 10x1 twisted rib. Ready to go!

I wanted a folded hem so I could knit in a message (this is an anniversary gift after all) so I used a provisional cast on. Well, I kept losing count because it is really hard to cast on 264 stitches provisionally. I finally got it then for some unknown reason started ribbing. 


Two more failed provisional cast-ons and I decided to just rib the hem. Ran out of yarn with a long tailed cast-on.

Knitted cast on through the stitch was too tight.

So I popped in the Knitting Glossary DVD and decided to do the knitted cast-on between stitches because Elizabeth and Meg said it was looser that the other knitted on cast-on.


So I start ribbing and my counting (three times) is off so my ribbing is "mistake ribbing" and I'm really frustrated by it.

So I'm left with yarn that hates the idea of being a vest and no other yarn in-stash that can work with steeking and my anniversary is in 18 days. So I'll cast-on again. I'm thinking of trying a crochet chain provisional cast-on but I don't really crochet.